Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson has really become one of the most popular retail vacuum cleaner brands in the United States. It is actually harder to find a retail outlet that does not sell a Dyson upright vacuum than one who does. The Dyson vacuum cleaner company should have their own chapter in college marketing textbooks. Dysons popularity exploded as a result of the most savvy series vacuum cleaner marketing campaigns since Oreck picked up a bowling ball with their little portable vacuum. Dyson upright, canister and portable vacuum cleaners are all bagless. The machines are the most unique and distinct in appearance. We feel that most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners currently being sold are a big improvement over the first vacuums they introduced in the United States.

Upright Dyson Bagless Vacuums

The current lineup of upright Dyson vacuum cleaners are significantly easier and more convenient to clean your home with than the DC07 and some of the earlier Dyson vacuums. Some of the newer Dyson vacuum cleaners like the DC25 Animal, DC25 All Floors and the DC24 All Floors incorporate the Dyson Ball technology. Dyson uprights that utilize this feature make it easier to navigate and pivot around your homes furnishings while you are cleaning your floors. The Dyson Ball is so popular that other brands have started introducing a similar swivel like maneuverability feature in some their upright models. Dyson vacuums are not the exactly the lightest on the block but the ball really does make the vacuum a lot easier to move around a room. It is a pretty cool feature in all honesty.

Dyson has also made using the vacuum cleaner hose and accessories considerably more convenient in the better models. The old Dyson vacuum hose attachment setup in earlier Dyson models left a lot to be desired in our opinion. If you surf through Dyson vacuum reviews online of older Dyson upright models the vacuum hose setup is constantly listed under the cons section of the review. Now they just complain about how short the power cord is and how small the dirt cups are.

Most of the current Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are getting a large number of positive customer vacuum reviews online. We researched numerous customer drive review sites and consistently found that most of the current upright by Dyson were rated fairly well by existing customer. Dyson upright vacuum cleaners however do not typically dazzle any of the more respected consumer review publications. When it comes to the professional consumer rating periodicals Dyson vacuums seem to end up in the middle of the pack. Dyson vacuums cost quite a bit more than the models on the shelf next it in case you have not noticed so it gets a little tough to qualify as a best buy. Dyson upright vacuums are priced higher than most of your average to good quality retail vacuums and less than the premium, higher quality vacuum cleaners that you would find at higher end deparment stores or vacuum cleaner shops.

Dyson makes good vacuum cleaners but in our opinion their prices are generally high for what you are actually getting. We believe that is because all of those advertising cost drive up the cost of the vacuum. We have the same opinion of Oreck. Dyson vacuum cleaners generally clean carpet well like a lot of decent uprights do. Dyson also claims to make have lightweight vacuum models available. When Dyson says a vacuum is lightweight that just seems to mean it is light for a Dyson in our opinion.

There are currently some Dyson vacuum models that claim to clean hard surface floors or at least the name of vacuum cleaner implies it. We think that is a bit optimistic. If you have a vinyl kitchen floor and you just want to run the vacuum over it real quick because you already have it out then the Dyson is fine for a task like that. We would not rate any of their uprights as being very effective at cleaning hard floors. In fairness most upright vacuum cleaners are good for little more than a quick pick up on hard floors but they are generally best for carpet cleaning. There are a ton of Dyson vacuum reviews on sites like Amazon, Epinions and Cnet but observations like the one above are more common when consumer professionals review machines in a number of different ways.

If you are interested in Dyson upright or any Dyson for that matter make sure you know which model and the name of the model you might be interested in. For example Dyson has more than one DC25 upright and more than one DC23 canister. They also reuse names quite often. A Dyson Animal, All Floors or Multi Floor can be the name of a number of different Dyson vacs. A lot of vacuum cleaner companies do this when a model becomes popular so do not read in it too much. All it really means is that you need to know a little more than just a model or name when shopping for a Dyson or buying replacement parts.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson makes a few canister vacuum cleaners that have become quite popular. Dyson canister vacuum cleaners are bagless as you would expect and they are also very unique in appearance. The models we looked at varied in cost between 400 to 600 dollars. When a retail canister vacuum manufacturers starts to get into the 500 dollar plus range then it is leaving itself open to comparisons to premium brands. A Dyson canister is generally a pretty good vacuum but for a similar or slightly higher price we would recommend that a consumer should also be researching canister vacuum reviews specific to brands like Miele and Sebo. If you are willing to spend 600 dollars you might be inclined to spend another hundred or so dollars and buy a vacuum that is exception as opposed to pretty good. With that being stated Dyson canister vacuum cleaners have an excellent warranty and they are so widely available it would be fairly easy to locate a nearby store and put your hands on one to further assess one.

Other Dyson Vacuums

Dyson has been making small, portable hand vacuum cleaners for a while now. They sort of look like oversized drills. They are probably the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner we have ever used. We priced portable Dyson vacuum between 200 to 300 dollars. The DC31 is located in a lot of department stores. If you are interested in a vacuum like this we have 1 recommendation. Go to a store that carries at least one and try it out. This is a very specific type of vacuum cleaner. Most portable vacuum cleaners cost less than 100 dollars and do not provide much suction. You really can not compare this vacuum to any other portable models. This heavy duty portable vacuum has a lot of suction, is a bit on the heavy side and cost a pretty good penny. This aint no dustbuster. This is definately one of those vacuum where reviews and ratings do not provide enough information to make a decision in our opinion.