Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The Miele company has historically produced high end canister vacuum cleaners that exceeded the durability, performance and filtration of most other vacuum cleaner brands. Miele makes different sizes of canister vacuum cleaners. They make compact canister vacuums like the Neptune to provide a powerful yet lightweight cleaning solutions to consumers who have small to midsized homes. Full sized Miele canister vacuums like the Callisto, Capricorn and Earth are meant for medium to large homes. Full sized Miele vacuums have more features and are much better for homes with a lot carpet and or any pets than the lighter compact models. Miele has also introduced the S2 series which are priced to compete with retail quality canister vacuum cleaners while still providing a Miele quality product.

S2 Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Miele has also introduced a Miele S2 canister vacuum series. The S2 series is less expensive and is meant to appeal to consumers who do not have the budget to purchase the S4 or S5 series models. The S4 and S5 canister vacuum series models have features like Mieles Sealed Construction that the S2 models do not. The S2 Miele vacuum series compares very well to other retails vacuum brands but you will be buying a better Miele vacuum if you choose a canister from the S5 or S4 product line. If you have a home with wall to wall carpet, heavy foot traffic, small children or a pet then we strongly recommend a Miele S5 canister model. There are a few to choose from and they will outperform more than ninety percent of the canister vacuums available. With that being said a Miele S2 canister vacuum may make the most sense for a consumer based on the size of there home and what they are willing to spend. S2 vacuums can cost hundreds of dollars less because they do not have some of the features of their more expensive siblings. You may not care about certain features so why not pay less and still get a well designed and durable canister vacuum. Some of the S2 canister vacuums appear to be older Miele canister models that are renamed and sold again. These canisters had a very good track record and were only retired as more advanced filtration and other features became more commonplace in the vacuum cleaner industry.

S4 Miele Compact Canister Vacuums

The Miele S4000 or simply the S4 vacuum cleaner series is made of lightweight compact canister vacuums for small to mid sized homes and households with low pile carpet or limited carpet and a fair amount of hard surface floors. If you have pets or heavy foot traffic in your home you should be in the S5 Miele canister section of this site. If you have a small to mid sized residence without pets and with low pile carpet than the Miele compact canister vacuum S4 series makes a lot of sense. They are extremely well made and outperform most canister vacuums in a similar or higher price range. They are designed to be very easy to use and maneuver and provide superior filtration. The Neptune and Callisto are the two most popular members of the Miele S4000 series.

S5 Miele Deluxe Canister Vacuum Series

The Miele S5 canister series is also know as the S5000 or Deluxe canister vacuum cleaner series. S5 Miele vacuum cleaners are full sized for mid to larger sized households. These canister are typically the best Miele canister vacuums available as they are feature rich, powerful and durable cleaners. S5 Miele canister vacuums vary in price and features and some models make more sense than others based on the type of floors in a consumers home. If you have a lot of carpet in your home or have pets we strongly recommend you confirm that your Miele S5 canister includes the full sized carpet cleaning powerbrush. We can not emphasize enough the difference the full sized powerbrush makes when you are cleaning mid to high pile carpet or any carpet with pet hair on it. The Miele Callisto, Earth and Capricorn are the most popular Miele deluxe canister vacuums.