Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele is one of the best vacuum cleaner brands on the internet. They are renowned for having a quality, warranty, performance, and superior filtration. As you continue your vacuum cleaner research you should notice that Miele vacuums get a high percentage of positive reviews. The whole Miele product line is solid but some canister and upright models stand out when compared to there peers based on the addition or lack of unnecessary features. In the past Miele was a company only known for having high quality canister vacuums and average quality upright models but that has changed in recent years. Miel is a German manufacturer of high end vacuum cleaners and assorted household appliances. While their products have been limited in the past to vacuum cleaner and specialy stores that is changing as the Miele vacuum cleaner company targets companies that sell household items as a means of increased distribution.

Miele Canister Vacuums

Long know as one of the best vacuum brands based on the quality of their high quality canister vacuum cleaners Miele just seems to keep making improvements and continues to dominate the high end canister vacuum market. Miele canisters have offered superior filtration and durability for over 20 years. It is very common for consumers to order parts for Miele vacuum cleaners that are over 10 years old because it they are still worth maintaing. The current Miele canister product line continues to reflect Mieles commitment to quality. The best Miele vacuum canister models will start with S5. The S5 series is the full-sized canister vacuum series and features the best carpet cleaning canister vacuums that Miele and just about anybody else makes at the moment.

Miele Upright Vacuums

Miele has introduced the S7 upright vacuum cleaner series and it has been a hit right out of the box. The S7 features a powerhead with a swivel type motion and other features that make this vacuum as easy to maneuver around your home than any other upright vacuum on the market. The S7 series includes models like the Tango, Jazz and the Bolero to name a few. The difference between models may just be the color or features like suction control. You can not make a wrong choice when it comes the the S7 Miele upright series. Miele has really come a long way in terms of producing upright vacuums that compare favorably to other brands. Easy to use, powerful, excellent filtration and a convenient attachement setup.

Miele Powerhouse upright continue to be made available online. The Powerhouse series is ok but nothing to get excited about. The Miele Powerhouse has average power and decent filtration. It is a Miele vacuum in name and while they are decent vacuums they are not in the same category in terms of quality or performance as any of the models mentioned above. It appears as thought Panasonic was or is making the Powerhouse series for Miele. Pansonic also seems to make a lot of the Kenmore vacuum cleaners.

Miele also continues to make some very unusual stick vacuum cleaners. These are not typical stick vacuums. They are heavy duty are meant to clean carpet and floors. The Miele S163 universal stick upright was a Consumers Digest best buy. The Miele S160 upright series is an excellent option for a resident of a small apartment with low pile carpet and hard floors. This vacuum stores easily, cleans effectively and is made to last. The Miele stick vacuum is very rugged and offers a level of filtration that is just not found in a stick vacuum.

Best Places to Buy a Miele Vacuum

Make sure you are buying your Miele vacuum cleaner from an authorized Miele vacuum store or Miele internet authorized internet vacuum store. It would be a preference to a Miele from an actual vacuum store as opposed to a retail outlet. A vacuum store owner can actually answer questions about a Miele based on experience and advise you as to which Miele vacuum would make the most sense for you to own based on your needs. Miele has an outstanding warranty out of the box, but you need to buy it from someone who is an authorized dealer to have the warranty honored if something actually does go wrong. Miele vacuum cleaners generally have a very low rate of repair but I would not recommend that you take the chance.

Miele Vacuum Supplies

I sell generic vacuum cleaner bags for most of the common vacuum cleaner brands. I do not recommend using anything but a genuine Miele vacuum cleaner bags and filters for a Miele, especially the newer models. The bags play a significant role in the filtration system with the vacuum. Miele bags are high quality and are made of a material that does not tear easily and provides a great deal of filtration. I have also seen generic filters made for Miele that do not really fit the right way. The vac bags are fairly large and unless you have a heavy shedding pet in the home they should last long time. Miele vacuum bags play a significant role in the filtration process. They protect your vacuum cleaner motor and aid the HEPA filter during the cleaning process.