Royal Vacuums - Commercial and Residential

The Royal vacuum cleaner company is really known as a commercial vacuum cleaner first. It is not uncommon to see a Royal upright commercial vacuum cleaner being used at a large hospital or school. The company has been around for about 100 years and if your are familiar with Royal vacuum cleaners the upright metal vacuum is probably the first image that pops into your head. Royal is more of a vacuum store brand than a retail store brand because they make high quality vacuum cleaners and most of the models cost over 300 dollars. The other reason they are more likely to be found in a vacuum store is because most models are very well made and the average independent vacuum dealer does not want a vacuum cleaner they sold returned to them because it is a stinker. While not very popular because they engage in aggressive ad campaigns, most of the Royal upright vacuum that are made for residential use are very good for the price.

Royal Metal Upright Vacuums

There are two types of Royal metal upright vacuum cleaners. There is the commercial series and the residential series. If you have not seen a Royal metal upright it basically looks like a Kirby vacuum that went on a diet. The commercial series is a bit more rugged as it utilizes a heavy duty commercial quality power cord and a heavy duty cloth bag assembly. As is the trend nowadays most if not all of the Royal metal upright vacuum cleaners feature some kind of advanced HEPA filtraton and use a disposable vacuum cleaner bag. Dump out bags are disgusting and increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

The household version of the Royal metal upright series weight in at about 16 pounds are are also incredibly durable. Royal uprights are basically a smaller, more practially sized version of a Kirby vacuum. They can last a ridiculously long amount of time for a vacuum. They are also similar to Kirby in the way that using a vacuum cleaner hose with attachments is a rather impractical endeavor. While a Kirby vacuum will be more powerful than any Royal household upright from the Everlast series, a Royal will clean your carpet just fine for the price. Royal metal vacuums also cost about one third to one quarter the cost of a Kirby. If I had two choose between the two brands I would pick a metal Royal over a Kirby based on the signficant weight and cost differences.

Royal Eminence Vacuum Cleaners

These are the best and most practical household upright vacuum cleaners that Royal makes. The Eminence vacuum cleaner series falls into the premium vacuum cleaner class. In english that means you are probably not going to find a better quality upright in a retail establishment unless they sell Miele or Sebo. The Eminance series features hints of commercial quality based on the fact they come with a metal handle and metal roller. Metal parts are becoming a thing of the past because of the cost to the manufacturer but we are big fans of this type of quality in a vacuum. Royal upright Eminence vacuum come with features standard to premium uprights vacuums including a 12 amp motor, 15 inch wide nozzle, HEPA filtration and on board tools. There is not anything that is just making you say wow about these uprights when you look at them but they are actually very good for homes that have a lot of carpet and a pet or two.

The Royal Model RY9700 and Model RY9750 Eminence vacuums are basic high quality vacuum cleaners without any unneeded bells and whistles. These vacuums cost between 500 to 600 dollars. The differences between the current Eminence Royal vacuums are slight enough were we just recommend saving a few dollars and opt for the lower priced model. Online reviews are limited on this vacuum series and that is probably because of a lack of brand recognition. Based on performance and durability the Eminence vacuum series are as good as any of the top rated vacuum brand uprights in the 500 to 600 dollar range.

Royal Canister Vacuums

The Royal Lexon canister series is not quite as exciting as the Everlast or Eminence family of vacuums. The Royal Lexon is more of a department store quality canister vacuum cleaner. Models that can clean carpet cost between 400 to 600 dollars. They are decent but when you start to get into that price range on a canister then it is time to bring Miele or Sebo into the conversation and we do not think the Lexon is quite there yet in terms of quality. The better Lexon canisters like the S17 SR30017 and S20 SR30020 do however compare well to the current crop of Electrolux and Kenmore canister vacuums in the same price range. We have observed all of the Royal canisters sold for less than what the Royal vacuum company sells them for on various vacuum web sites. The Lexon series is decent but they become a very good deal if you shop them. It appears as though the Royal vacuum company does not do the best job at enforcing price protection policies. Thats good news for a consumer because the carpet cleaning Lexon canister models are a great deal in the 240 to 400 range.