Bissell Floor Cleaners

Bissell vacuum and floor cleaning products are pervasive. We have seen them in home improvement centers, big box stores, all over the internet and in large department stores. Part of the reason is that Bissell has and continues to offer a wide variety of floor cleaning products. Bissell sells upright, canister and portable carpet cleaning machines. They also sell upright, stick, canister hand vacuum cleaners. They have also become a popular choice for sweepers and steam and hard floor cleaners. Bissell tries to offer convenient cleaning solution to for just about every situation that involves cleaning the floors of your home.

Bissell Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Most full sized Bissell upright vacuum cleaners are bagless. Bissell and Dirt Devil have really followed in the Dyson vacuum cleaner companies footsteps. Since Dyson made such a big deal that their vacuum cleaners are bagless as part of their phenomenal marketing campaigns Bissell and Dirt Devil seems to dedicated to producing bagless upright vacuums that are considerably lower in price then most Dyson vacuum cleaners. Upright Bissell vacuum cleaners are generally priced as high as 200 dollars but most of them are closer one way or another to 100 dollars. Bissell upright vacuum cleaners are ok for the price. It is very difficult to find an upright vacuum cleaner that cost less than 200 dollars and have received decent reviews and ratings from various consumer periodicals.

A Bissell upright is not going to get better vacuum cleaner reviews than some of the better vacuum brands but they are comparable in quality to a lot of the Dirt Devil, Eureka and Hoover bagless vacuum cleaners in the same price range. Whether you are interested in a CleanView, ProLite, Lift-Off, Pet Hair Erase or a similar Bissell upright, it always seems like there is a Bissell bagless vacuum on closeout somewhere different every week. If you want a really cheap vacuum to clean your carpets with then Bissell is one of your few options. You really need to have realistic expections because you probably are not going to pay very much for one of their upright models. A Bissell upright is not exactly going to best your best option for removing pet hair or suck the carpet off the floor but if you do not demand much from a vacuum cleaner then they are a very cost effective choice.

Bissell Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The Bissell DigiPro and CleanAlong are the two most popular vacuums in the Bissell canister series. These models and a few others make reference to being powerful enough to remove pet hair from your carpets. That would be very a optimistic assertion based on our testing.

The fact is Bissell canister vacuums are best in smaller homes that do not have pets that shed heavily and have low pile carpet or limited carpet. When we were doing our reviews and ratings of various carpet cleaning vacuum cleaners the Bissell canister vacuums were similar to the upright models because they were also priced very low when compared to similar canister vacuum cleaners with comparable features and that were similar in quality. It seems like they target the impulsive consumer who walks around a store with their shopping cart, likes the low price of the unit and off they go. Bissell canister vacuums are a cheap, no frills basic canister vacuum option for a home that does not require a vacuum with a lot of suction or advanced filtration. If you do not require a lot from a vacuum cleaner then a Bissell canister is a great buy.

Bissell Deep Carpet Cleaners

If we said a Bissell was your best option than the question would be which brand of carpet cleaner should I buy. The Bissell ProHeat and ProHeat 2x series have been around for years. The good thing about that is they do not change a lot from model to model when you need to get more cleaning solution or you break a part on the unit it should not be a problem to find what you need online. Residential steam cleaners or carpet cleaners can not compete with a commercial cleaners who has a cleaning device mounted in a van so you should not expect them to work that well. The Bissell ProHeat 2x series is a solid choice.

If you are shopping for a full sized carpet cleaner you do not have a lot choices. The only two brands that matter are Bissell and Hoover with Bissell being the more popular option of the two. Bissell also makes canister and portable carpet cleaners which are better than the full sized option if you are only using the device to spot clean of have a limited amount of carpet or rug in your home. When asked which carpet cleaner brand we recommend the answer has been Bissell for the last few years. There is an article on this site about finding the best vacuum for you. When selecting the appropriate deep cleaner for your home we recommend you take the same logical approach the article recommends for vacuums.

Other Bissell Cleaners

Bissell also sells stick vacuums, hand vacs and various hard floor cleaners. We do not feel that any kind of review or rating makes much sense on these items. They are fairly inexpensive and as a consumer you should have reasonable cleaning expections. A cordless vac device is convenient and basically saves you the trouble of pulling out a broom and dust pan. Most of the Bissell stick and hand vac models are priced and designed for quick clean up jobs. Do not expect your floors to look like new again just reasonably cleaner. If you feel that it would be nice to have a inexpensive hand or stick vacuum or some kind of steam mop for your kitchen than a Bissell is a decent choice. We have a little sweeper in our home for quick picks ups after one of the kids leaves a mess in the kitchen so I think everything has its place even if its not a heavy duty cleaner.