Sebo Vacuums - Great for Pet Hair

The Sebo vacuum cleaner company makes some of the most rugged and easy to maintain vacuum cleaners in the industry. Sebo vacuums are made in Germany and are fairly popular in Europe. There popularity is increasing in America as time goes buy based on the vacuum cleaner review accolades they continue to receive year after year. Sebo vacuum cleaners can only be purchased via Sebo authorized vacuum cleaners store or via Sebo direct. You are better off buying a Sebo from an independent dealer because you will receive better support. You are extremely unlikely to ever require a repair as they are the most durable vacuum cleaners on the market and are designed with the consumer in mind. Sebo upright vacuums can be taken apart without tools to remove clogs. Nobody else makes vacuum as rugged or with the owner in mind like Sebo does. They continue to have the lowest rate of repair we have ever experienced and that statement considers all of the better vacuum brands.

The Sebo Automatic X4 is the most popular Sebo vacuum cleaner. It can and is actually used commercially due to it's rugged design, ability to clean aggressively, ease of use and the fact that you can take it apart with just your hands. It also has multi level filtration and includes an S-Class hospital grade exhaust filter. The Automatic X4 is the vacuum that inspired the Miele S7 upright series. That is how good the Sebo Automatic X series is. The Sebo Automatic X4 was a consumers digest best buy and has received numerous accolades and positive reviews from numerous periodicals. It is one of the best upright vacuum cleaner period. Pet owners probably receive the biggest benefit from the Sebo Automatic X4 because the powerful suction really helps to remove pet hair from carpet not to mention the vacuum has oustanding filtration. There are about 4 to 6 different X4 models available. The only difference is the color. They are all the same vacuum cleaner. Sebo also makes an Automatic X5 and an Essential G series which are extremely similar to the Automatic X4.

Sebo Felix is probably the only true all in one vacuum cleaner. If you buy a model with the carpet cleaning brush (which you should) this vacuum cleans all surfaces and can be broken down to be used as a portable canister vacuum. They look kind of funky and come in four different colors and models but they are all the same. The Felix can also be be purchased with just a floor brush for hard surface floors. Again the Felix Premium models come with a powerbrush for carpet that is actually the same powerbrush Sebo offers for its premium canister vacuums. All Sebo vacuum cleaners are an excellent choice for pet owners the Felix is no exception. The Felix is one of the lightest upright vacuum cleaners that can remove pet hair from carpets effectively.

Sebo canister vacuum cleaners are probably the only series of vacuum cleaner that compare well to Miele. We feel that each brand has its advantage. Sebo makes a more rugged and heavy duty powerbrush for carpet cleaning and offers outstanding filtration. Miele canisters offer slightly better filtration but their powerbrushes just are not built as well as Sebos. The one exception might be the new Callisto powerhead but that would be it. A strong powerhead is very important in homes where there is a lot of sand being tracked in or pet hair. Sebo canisters have castor wheels like Miele so you will have 360 degree maneuverability unlike most canister vacuums. Sebo also makes some smaller canister vacuums with less features. Like Miele, Sebo vacuum cleaners will cost you more than most brands but you will be paying for a vacuum that cleans your floors better, offers outstanding filtration and a vacuum you should plan on owning for a long time. Parts for all Sebo vacuums are readily available online.

Sebo is one of the best vacuum brands for vacuum store owners to sell. The reason for this is that they clean exceptionally well and it is extremely unlikely that the owner will have a problem with the vacuum. When you sell vacuum cleaners you only want your customers to come back to you to buy vacuum supplies, not for a vacuum repair. They have an extremly low rate of repair and can be easily maintained without the need or expertise of a vacuum repairman. Change your filters and bags in a timely manner and a Sebo vacuum cleaner will last you a very long time. It is important that you buy a Sebo vacuum from an authorized dealer so you do not void your warranty which is one of the better warranties in the vacuum industry.