Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Tips

If you currently own a Kirby G6, G5, G4 Generation 3, an Ultimate G series, Diamond Edition, G2000, G2001, Sentria, or basically any Kirby that uses some kind of vacuum cleaner bag that has a round whole (Yes, this includes Kirby vacuum cleaner that use a Style 3 bag, like the Heritage II, or the Legends), spend some money and get the new HEPA Kirby vacuum bags. These filter bags are not limited to the Sentria (they fit all Kirby vacuums made the last 20 years (except the 2009 Sentria). They are white and feel like cloth. They are more resistant to tears, and really do a great job of filtering the debris that enters the vacuum bag area. More and more vacuum cleaner manufacturers are going or have already gone to this "cloth-like" style of dust bag. The newer Sentria vacuum bags has tabs like rabbit ears to distinguish it from older Sentria bag.

Which Kirby Sentria Bag Do I Need - Kirby changed the Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner and the updated version of that vacuum actually uses a different size vacuum bag than the earlier Sentria. The newest Sentria G10 series vacuum cleaner uses a style F bag. The Kirby bag you buy must reference Style F or Functional Fit for it to actually fit your vacuum. Both Sentria vacuums have a round hole in the bag but the Style F has what we refer to as rabbit ears to secure the bag in place. Kirby F style vacuum bags will not fit older models. The picture to the right is the vacuum bag inlet in the new Sentria. It actually has a while F on the tab in the illustration. The picture above reflects the older style Kirby vacuum inlet that was used for over 20 years. The fact that Kirby changed the style of vacuum bag without changing the name of the vacuum cleaner is a little bit confusing. Both Sentria vacuum cleaners use the same size Kirby belt, which has been the same size for over 25 years.

This is probably the most important thing regarding the performance of your Kirby vacuum. Change the Kirby vacuum cleaner belt every year. I can't say this enough to Kirby vacuum owners. Don't wait for it to break. Kirby belts stretch as you operate the vacuum. As a vacuum belt stretchs, your $600 to $2000 investments becomes a lot less effective at cleaning your carpet because you haven't replaced a part that cost under 3 dollars, and couldn't be easier to buy on the internet (all Kirby vacuum cleaners use the same size belt). If you plan to buy a Kirby stock up on the belts ahead of time to insure that you actually change them. Changing a Kirby vacuum belt is actually easier than changing a vacuum belt on most upright vacuum cleaners. If you have an older Kirby vacuum like that uses a Style 3, 2 or 1 paper bag than you need this set of instruction to change the Kirby vacuum belt. For Kirby vacuums that were actually made in the last twenty years or so a Kirby belt change will be a little bit different. Once you have done it once it is snap.

Aside from the belt and bags the only other part of a Kirby vacuum that will wear at a normal rate is the brush roller. As time goes on the brushes on the agitator brush will shorten as a result of wear. Brush rollers typically need to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. If you own a Kirby vacuum you will probably own it long enough to need eventually need a new roller. Kirby rollers and most Kirby parts for that matter are easy to find online, even for the really old models. Keep your roller free of hair and string and replace it on an as needed basis to keep your vacuum cleaning your carpet as well as it can. Kirby vacuum cleaners all have exception suction but an old belt or roller can really hamper the performance of any vacuum cleaner.

While we are on the topic of Kirby vacuum cleaner care you might have noticed that Kirby sells carpet power for your carpet. Do not buy it. All carpet powder regardless of who makes it is bad for your vacuum. Use Febreze after your vacuum or place tablets in your kirby vacuum bags if you want a fresher scent after you vacuum. Carpet powder gets into your motor and bearings and can due more hard than good.