S2 Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Miele S2 canister vacuums range from 300 to 600 dollars in cost making them a good option for consumers on a budget who would still like to buy a high quality canister vacuum at a much lower price than Miele charges for their deluxe canister vacuum cleaners. Miele considers the S2 series to be compact which is correct. The S4 series also qualifies as a compact series but Miele has rebranded them as a mid-sized option for some reason. The S2 series in general have received some terrific vacuum reviews on Amazon and similar consumer sites. The Miele S2 canister family currently includes the following models:

  • S2181 Titan (formerly the S2180)
  • S2120 Delphi
  • S2121 Capri
  • S2120 Olympus

Shared Miele S2 Features

  • Motor - 1200 watt Miele Vortex motor
  • 29.5 foot operating radius
  • Dimensions: Height: 8.5", Width: 11.25", Length: 18"
  • Safety shut-off to avoid overheating the vacuum
  • Vacuum bag indicator light
  • Quiet operation

We will review each models in order starting from the Titan which is the best vacuum in the S2 series and will work our way down the Olympus, the most basic Miele S2 vacuum cleaner.

The S 2181 Titan canister vacuum has an electric hose and electrically drive powerbrush. The Titan is the best carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner in the S2 canister family. It is designed for low pile carpet cleaning and comes with a parquet floor brush to clean smooth surfaces. Suction can be adjusted via a rotary dial located on the top of the canister body. Suction can be increase or decreased based on what you feel the appropriate setting should be for what you are cleaning. The Titan always comes equipped with a HEPA filter. While not sealed like S4 and S5 Miele vacuums the Titan still utilizes Miele multi level filtration to keep allergens and debris inside of your vacuum cleaner while your clean. The Titan cost about 600 dollars. The Titan does not have the total filtration of an S4 compact Miele canister vacuum like the Neptune but it will clean your carpet better than any Miele S4 canister and any Miele canister vacuum that uses an air drive powerbrush. The fact that it has an electric powerbrush and a 1200 watt Miele suction motor makes this vacuum cleaner a better choice than any other canister vacuum you would find in a Sears or department store. This is the best Miele canister for carpet that cost less than 850 dollars.

The Miele Delphi S 2120 canister is basically the for carpet only version of the Titan. It comes with an electric hose and powerbrush for carpet. Any tools specific to cleaning hard surfaces will need to be purchased seperately. It also utilizes a Miele air clean filter as opposed to a HEPA filter. If you do not care about a HEPA filter or a floor brush then you can save about 100 dollars buy selecting the Delphi over the Titan. The Delphi has just as much suction, a rotary suction dial and everything else the Titan has. If you clean your kitchen and bathroom floors with a Swiffer than we would rate this vacuum to be a better deal than the Titan. If you are that concerned with having a HEPA filter than you should be considering a S5 vacuum with an electric powerbrush because they are all Sealed units that offer better filtration than the S2 series and most of them come with a HEPA filter or at least support one.

The S 2121 Miele Capri has an air driven powerbrush to clean carpet. An air driven powerbrush best serves small to mid sized homes without shedding pets and low pile carpet. The Capri also comes with a parquet floor cleaning brush for hard surface floors. The Capri is essentially the economy version of the Miele Neptune. The Capri utilizes an Air clean filter and cost about 400 dollars. The Capri is basically comparable to a Neptune except that the Neptune has much better filtration and cost more.

The S2120 Miele Olympus is basically the S2 version of the Polaris. It comes with a rug floor brush combo tool. The Olympus is for homes with very limited rugs. It is ideally for hard surface floors. The Olympus is comparable to the Polaris but cost less because it does not offer the same level of filtration that the Polaris does. The Miele Olympus retails for about 300 dollars. We do not like the rug combo tool on really nice hardwood floors. We prefer a floor brush with natural hair and that would need to purchased seperately.