Miele Stick Vacuums - S160 Series

A Miele stick vacuum is unlike any other stick vacuum cleaner we have ever used. It is a compact yet heavy duty vacuum cleaner with advanced filtration abilities. Most stick vacuum cleaners are basically made to perform the job of a broom. Most stick vacuums can perform a quick pickup on a kitchen floor or similar smooth surface and offer very little in terms of suction and durability. This is reflected in the price as most are relatively inexpensive.

The Miele universal stick vacuum is in class by itself. Miele stick vacuums have received some very positive reviews in professional circles. They have been awarded a Consumers Digest Best Buy and Good Housekeeping accolades. Those are excellent vacuum cleaner endorsements. Miele currently has two different universal stick vacuums available. All Miele stick vacuums belong to the Miele S160 series. This is not something new Miele started to manufacturer. The Miele S160 series has been available for a number of years. Before the S160 upright stick vacuum series these models were part of the Miele S140 series.

We review both the Miele S163 and S168 universal stick vacuum cleaners below. If you only require a stick vacuum for quick pick ups around a home this is not the vacuum for your. Miele univeral upright stick vacuums will best serve a resident of an aparment of loft that has hard floors and low pile carpet. We will start by illustrating the similaries between the S163 and S168 and then we will explain the differences.

Miele S163 and S168 SHARED features:

Combination Rug and Floor Tool - This floor cleaning brush comes with switch for the owner to adjust to the appropriate surface, rug, carpet or hard surface floors.

Use vacuum bags and 2 filters - For optimal filtration both models utilize Miele IntensiveClean dust bags, and motor filter and some kind of exhaust filter to keep the air as clean as possible while you operate your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum bag has a 2 1/2 quart capacity.

26 foot chord - provides an desirable cleaning radius length while your operate the vacuum.

Speed control - both models allow you to adjust the suction of the stick vacuum. The both offer this feature in different ways with the S168 offering more control both both models allow the suction to be adjusted none the less.

Motor - Both vacuum cleaners feature the same 96 cubic feet per minute [CFM] (45 L/sec) 1000-watt motor.

Weight - both vacuums weight approximately 10 pounds.

Upholstery tool and crevice nozzle

Height - The height of a Miele stick vacuum is approximately 58 inches

Sealed System construction - This combined with your bags and filters will keep all the dust inside, providing maximum protection for indoor air quality.

Quiet Operation - An extremly quiet vacuum even at its highest power settings.

Warranty - 7 years on the motor and 1 year on parts and labor.

S168 only features:

Optional Electric Carpet Cleaning Brush - The S168 will accept a Miele carpet cleaning electric roller brush. This is a good option for pet owners. The powerbrush has a swivel neck designed and can clean low and mid pile carpet in small homes in an effective manner. This powerbrush would be an additional item and does not come with the S168 but it is a viable option down the road if you require pet hair removal or just want to clean your rugs and carpet better. The S168 has a Socket specifically for a powerbrush should you should to ad one.

Electronic variable power controls - The S168 suction level can be manually adjusted utilizing up to 1000 watts of power. This controls offers a range of suction as opposed to just having a high - low selection.

Active HEPA Filter - The Miele S168 ships with an active HEPA filter to clean the exhaust as your vacuum operates. This is the best exaust filter you can buy from Miele. Since you are probably cleaning a small area it makes sense to get the best exhaust filter to keep the air cleaner while you vacuum.

Telescopic Wand - allow you to adjust the length of the wand to make your cleaning experience as convenient as possible.

Height adjustment - the handle can be adjusted to a comfortable operating height for the user.

Colors - Polar Ice or Lotus White

Tool Caddy - holds the upholstery and crevice tool conveniently on the vacuum for quick access.


S163 only features:

Speed Control - The S163 has a simple speed control that allows the operator to keep the vacuum at maximum power or reduce it the a minimal suction setting.

Air Clean Filter - The Miele air clean filter is a basic air filter used to reduce dirt and debris from being distributed into the air while you are operating the vacuum. The S163 can utilize a HEPA filter should you choose to upgrade but it ships with a Miele air clean filter.

Non-telescopic wand - Basic non adjustable wand for cleaning corners and difficult to reach areas with your stick vacuum.

Color - black

Miele Universal Stick Vacuum Review

The first time we tried one these out years ago we were really surprised at the feel of the vacuum. The design has not really changed much. You just do not expect this vacuum to feel so solid. Its almost funny. Because of the design you feel the weight on both of these vacuums a bit more than you would on an Oreck, which weighs about the same amount. Depending on which features matter to you either model could be a good choice for a NYC sized small apartment or a loft owner. The Miele Universal upright stick vacuum feels like a stick vacuum on steroids. That really is the only way to describe them. If that appeals to you then these are the KINGS of the stick vacuum family. They are really easy to use and move around with in a small space. The price range is 300 to 400 dollars for these models. Both models have attained very positive reviews in various periodicals and review style web sites but we dont know what you compare them to. If you are considering buying the optional carpet cleaning brush with the S168 you should probably be looking an Oreck because these Universal uprights are basically heavy duty upright straight suction canisters.