S7 Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaner is one of the best upright vacuum cleaners available anywhere. The S7 usually comes in 2 classes (Elite and Comfort) with each model having a specific color. We say usually the S7 family also includes the S2760 Cat and Dog and S7210 Twist and one model does not equal a class. Add that to the fact that Miele will occasinally make a limited release model or two for specific high volume dealers. These limited models are extremely similar to the common S7 vacuum cleaners. They are not better than the common models but they generally offer some kind of different spin on the feature package. They might be missing a feature that a more expensive models has so you need to pay attention to the vacuum specs. All S7 Miele vacuum cleaners are extremely easy to use, maneuver and clean exceptionally well on all surfaces and can handle pet hair removal which is actually very unusual combination of features for an upright vacuum cleaner.

The first thing most people notice when they see the Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaner in action is it's abiltiy to twist, turn, and swivel as you operate the vacuum. Until the S7, this features was non-existent amongst the better vacuum cleaner brands. Operating this machine in an area with furniture is as easy as it gets for an upright. You can clean under and around the coffee table without having to drag it out of the way.

The other features that really give the S7 Miele a top rating is the hose setup and the built in anti-tipping device. Upright vacuums have a reputation for tipping over as the user utilizes the vacuum hose accessory for cleaning. The Miele S7 provides a quick draw style hose that's considerable in length and the vacuum is designed to remain stable as the hose is being used. Miele's unique design rids this machine of the clumsiness it's peer exhibit specific to use of the vacuum hose.

Miele S7 users will also enjoy the fact that this vacuum can transition from carpet of various heights to hard floors without any kind of height adjustment or disabling the roller. The S7 vacuum height automatically adjust to the surface being cleaning, adjusting to the proper height for optimum cleaning performance and convenience.

This vacuum also boast a 54 foot cleaning radius, which is about 10 feet better than the average vacuum that we review. The ergonomically designed handle are reinforced for carrying and regular use. The S7 upright also includes an active HEPA filter to clean exhaust as it exit the vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filter is located below the bag area and is easily accessible.

Miele S7 vacuum cleaners have castor wheels which combined with the fact that the head swivels makes this vacuum cleaner extremely easy to navigate it around your home while you vacuum.

All Miele S7 upright vacuums have a 2 motor system. One 1200 watt motor which produces the suction of the vacuum while the other motor controls your brush roller. A Motor protection indicator can be found on all S7 vacs to avoid overheating your vacuum.

The Miele S7 vacuum series is one of the best upright vacuum cleaner we have every rated or reviewed. When you are actually operating the vacuum it just feels well constructed. It is sturdy but really does glide across a floor during operation.

Miele has always been a leader in the vacuum cleaner industry in the canister category, and now with Miele S7 upright becoming available in the United states after a highly successful run in Europe, they are amongst the best in upright vacuum cleaner category as well.

S7 Elite Series - Miele S7580 Vacuums

The Miele Bolero, Tango and Swing are all part of the Miele S7 Elite S7580 vacuum cleaners series. The Bolero was actually named the leading upright vacuum cleaner for overall filtration performance and cleaning ability by Good Housekeeping. That is the kind of independent vacuum review that actually says something to a consumer who would like to purchase a new upright vacuum cleaner. The Swing has been retired. It was metallic blue in color. It was an excellent vacuum and we feel that Miele just had to many options in the 800 dollar price range to support this model and that is probably why it was retired.

The Miele Bolero and Tango upright vacuum cleaners both have an automatic motor control setting which automatically adjust the power level of the vacuum to the surface you are currently cleaning. Varying power levels translates to varying suction produced by the vacuum while you clean. The Miele Bolero was actually named the leading upright vacuum cleaner for overall filtration performance and cleaning ability by Good Housekeeping. That review is a very good endorsement. The Miele Bolero and Tango receive exceptional vacuum cleaner reviews from recent customers on retail sites like amazon and epinions. Both vacuums are exception. Why there is a 50 dollar price difference between these 2 models is a mystery. We can not tell the difference between them so you are probably paying for the color. These two vacuums cost around 800 to 850 dollars so they might not fit in your budget but these 2 vacuums have the smartest features Miele or just about any other vacuum company offers in an upright vacuum cleaner.

Other Miele S7 Upright Vacuums

The Miele S7280 upright vacuum cleaners series is extremely similar to the models mentioned above with a few exceptions. The height and power of the vacuum cleaner require manual adjustment. On Miele upright vacuum cleaners like the Cat and Dog, Jazz and Salsa there is a rotary dial located near the top of the vacuum cleaner. The dial has 6 different settings which will allow you to manually control the level of suction your vacuum produces. If you have a home that has wall to wall carpet most people will just leave the vacuum cleaner on the highest level of suction possible. A S7280 Miele vacuum will clean your home as well as the more expensive S7580.

You might notice while you are researching Miele vacuum cleaners online that some vacuum cleaner stores only carry a few of the models. The reason for that is the differences are very slight in some situations. In some cases the only difference may be the actual color of the vacuum cleaner so it pays to know which features you are concerned with. If the fact that a vacuum requires the user to regulate the suction is not important than the S7280 series makes more sense. Why pay 100 dollars plus for a feature that you are uninterested in. The Miele S7260 is very similar to the S7280 series. The Cat and Dog does not ship with a HEPA filter but it comes with a hand held turbobrush. This is an example of Miele putting a spin on the common features for a specific model. The S7210 Twist does not come with a HEPA filter or a hand held brush. It is an outstanding vacuum and is essentially a slightly stripped down S7280. Of course the price is stripped down to.

We feel that the S7280 models make more sense than some of the less expensive S7 models. Not having a HEPA filter kind of defeats one of the great benefits these vacuum have to offer. Any S7 that has a HEPA filter installed combined with the advanced filtration all S7 models have are better than any upright vacuum cleaner you will ever buy in a regular store. The S7 is an exceptional vacuum and we could make an arguement based on consumer needs that any member of the S7280 or S7260 vacuum family is actually the best vacuum cleaner you can buy.